Saltburn and Marske ASC Committee


Financial support for the club comes from applying for individual sporting grants, when they become available. Notwithstanding a successful grant application, most of the club costs are covered by fees and fundraising activities, such as galas and social events.

Day to day management is conducted by volunteers.

Help is always welcomed. If you feel you would like to contribute a small amount of time to help the club, then please contact Julie Clements.

2016 Committee Members

(updated 22/05/16)


Chairman Jenny Macgregor
Secretary Julie Clements
Treasurer Sharon Prouse
Head Coach Daniel Hill
Child Welfare Officer Lisa Rigg
Gala Secretary Sharon Prouse
Fund Raising Elaine Marley
Gala Workforce Co-ord Mike Betterton
Swim 21 Co-ord Lyn Jennings


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