Click Here for the the results for Round 2 of the Moors league 5th March 2016 at Eston

 Click below for Northumberland and Durham county championship 2016 (1st weekend) 6th and 7th Feb. 

Results 1 session 1  Results 2 session 2  Results 3 session 3  Results 4 session 4

AND here are the session results for the 2nd weekend 27/28th Feb 2016

Results 5 session 5 Results 6 session 6 Results 7 session 7  Results 8  session 8



The link below is for the results of the Moors League Junior gala January 9th 2016

ASA North East Region Billingham New Year Meet 2016. Click here for full results

Click here for the Northallerton ASC Last Chance meet